Galo Sengen


Galo Sengen (“Galish Man GAL” in English / GAL男宣言 in Japanese) is a 2011 rap music video by the Japanese hip-hop group Policeman.

The animated music video became well-known for its humorous depiction of a Japanese youth culture known as “Gyaruo,” which is characterized by the dark tanned skin, dyed blond hair and appreciation for dance music.

In the video, a group of men are satirically portrayed as Super Saiyans, a type of superfighters from the Japanese manga franchise Dragon Ball, who transcend into the state of “galish” or “gyaru”.

Aki no Kanade


Miyagawa Aki moved to Tokyo to pursue her dream to be a taiko drummer, but had a hard time balancing her strict training regimen with her part-time job. Now, after 15 years, she’s returning to coach others for a taiko festival.

Sousei no Aquarion Evol


In the spring of 1966, Shin Tsukishima, who is travelling to get a crystal radio, meets Yuno Kawazu, a girl crying on a beach in Izu. Shin and Yuno are guided by the Book of Genesis and meet each other halfway. The boundaries between three worlds begin to distort.

Ongaku Shoujo


Eri, a girl who likes to stay indoors, meets a mysterious but enthusiastic transfer student named Haru. Eri used to love to sing and Haru loves Eri’s singing. The story follows the two during one summer of their high school life as their love sometimes overlaps and sometimes passes by each other.

Eiga Precure All Stars: Haru no Carnival


A spring carnival held in the country of dance and song, Harmonia, is beginning. Haruka Haruno and her friends also join the festival to learn dance and song from their senior Precure warriors. However, the fairies go missing, and the carnival is thrown into confusion. Even worse, the announcers Odoren and Utaen seem extremely suspicious, and the guardian dragon of Harmonia has started a rampage, angry at the chaos at the carnival. In order to protect the peace of Harmonia, the 40 Precure warriors work together to create a miracle through dance and song filled with hope.

Shinmai Maou no Testament OAD


Another morning at the Toujou household: Maria sets up a special succubus camera that can capture the target’s dream, in this case Mio’s. After putting an end to Maria’s blatant breach of privacy, Basara then tests Maria latest cooking experiment which turns out to be strangely perverted. Yuki is not phased by any of this, and when Mio finally wakes up the innocent Basara falls victim to her outburst.

The school nurse, Hasegawa Chisato, is wearing a new swimsuit and the zipper is stuck. She asks Basara to help her unzip it…