The Idolmaster Movie: Kagayaki no Mukougawa e!


Soon after their live concert with all 13 members, 765 Pro’s all-star idols are given great news: they will be performing a concert at an arena, and will have back-up dancers sent from the idol training school to support them.

In the midst of this, the always cheerful Amami Haruka is voted leader of the idols. Everything was looking up for 765 Pro, until there is bad news: first, aspiring idol, back-up dancer, and fan of Haruka Kana Yabuki loses all confidence and stops coming to practice. Then, Haruka’s beloved producer tells her team that after the concert, he will be going abroad to America for a year to study. In addition, Miki is going to Hollywood for filming, while Chihaya is going abroad for her international debut.

In the face of all these setbacks, Haruka wavers in her position as leader. Haruka must stand up, and gather all the idols together once again for the greatest concert they have ever performed.

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