Paulette no Isu


Paulette plays in the back yard, in the shade of a tall tree, with her doll, somewhere out in the countryside. Secretly watching other children have fun without her makes her sad. Then suddenly the wooden chair she is sitting on begins to move, and throws her off. She bravely gets on the chair again, which starts to buck like a wild horse, making her very happy. Racing through the countryside, the chair then throws her off, right into the middle of the group of playing children, helping her overcome her shyness. Paulette starts to play with the other children, and has a good time. Every day she hangs out with the chair, having fun talking with it, reading books together, sleeping in the shade, chasing a cat, or just racing through the summer countryside…

The seasons change and Paulette grows up, slowly becoming too large and heavy for the small chair, outgrowing it. As a young teenager she has to move to town, living in a small rented room, having to face a large class of girls and boys as the new transfer student. The other girls ignore her, and again she is very alone and sad. But her faithful wooden chair is there for her, and they race through town together. Passing the many vehicles on the main road reminds Paulette of the times they raced with the wild horses in the countryside, when she was very much younger, making her very happy. Flinging her through the air, the chair yet again helps Paulette make new friends…

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