Rental Magica


* Based on a light novel series by Sanda Makoto, illustrated by pako.

Iba Itsuki is the cowardly president of a for hire magic company called Astral. Always in need of money, Itsuki’s company rents out magicians to perform misc jobs. His company features many magic schools such as Solomon (Demon Magic), Shinto (Prayer Magic), Onmyodou (Spirit Magic) and Celtic (Ritual/Paper Magic). Not the only company out there looking for work, but Itsuki’s company has an ace in the hole which happens to be Itsuki himself. If things become more than they can handle, Itsuki will remove his eye patch. As a side note, most of these people are grade schoolers and 2 of them happen to be classmates of Itsuki’s.



The Tokyo Bay Music Fest is coming up, and Bad Luck, the band made up of Shuichi, Hiroshi, and Suguru, are scheduled to perform. Nittle Grasper is also on the bill. Nittle Grasper is a major label and a group that Shuichi idolizes.

Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma


* Based on the historical romance manga by Mori Kaoru, which was published by Enterbrain in the magazine Comic Beam.

In late 19th century London, William Jones, a member of the gentry, meets and falls in love with Emma, and she with him. This chance meeting overturns both their lives – for Emma is a maid, and the barriers of class and wealth stand between them.

Boys Be…


Six High School students are about to embark on journey about love and life. Kyouichi and Chiharu have been childhood friends and suddenly their relationship is becoming more serious. Makoto believes that his computer can help acquire love. Yoshihiko is a talented baseball player, who is very unsure about himself. Chiharu’s friends Yumi and Aki are looking for a solution to their loneliness. The coming events will teach them serious life lesson.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai: Boogiepop Phantom


A scream in the night, and in that instant the world changed… or at least, it appeared to.

The story evolves around a creature called Boogiepop. Boogiepop, also called Death, hangs out in the city, and whenever you encounter it, she’ll take you with her. Nagi Kirima, a high school student, seems to be fighting Boogiepop – or at least, she tries to. But then there are disappearances everywhere, and strange happenings occur. And nobody sees the link between them.

In a mixture of chaos and thrilling horror Nagi tries to find out what happened… and why it still hasn’t happened to her.

Initial D Battle Stage 2


This is simply the OAV summing up all battles of Initial D Fourth Stage much like the Initial D Battle Stage summed up battles of the first 3 seasons. Additionally, has 2 extra battles from the manga that were not whole incorporated into the original Fourth Stage but were shown only as the start of cars.



* Based on the manga by Oku Hiroya.

Kurono Kei, a high school freshman, put on airs and thought only about girls. One day, on his way home, he comes across a man who accidentally fell from the train platform. He didn’t care for other people, and at first he enjoyed watching this man that was about to die. However, Katou Masaru, who was a classmate in his elementary days, suddenly gets onto the train tracks from the train platform to help the man. Being asked for help, Kei reluctantly began to help him. But when they got the man onto the platform, the train came. They must have been killed by the train, but they were transferred into a room of a condominium in a moment. There, they found a black sphere and people who are supposed to be dead like them. They couldn’t get out of the room, and they couldn’t even touch the wall. What is the room? What is this ball?

Gatchaman Crowds


In the early summer of 2015 Tachikawa, a second metropolis of Tokyo, is populated by people known as Gatchaman, who are warriors that fight in special reinforced suits that are powered by the manifestation of spiritual powers of living beings called NOTE. A council has recruited individuals that have latent powers to help fight alien criminals. In recent years, the council has appointed the Gatchaman Crew (G-Crew) to fight the mysterious entity known as MESS.

Initial D Battle Stage


Initial D Battle Stage (special) will summarize all street races from the two TV series and movie and add one new race in the middle of it.

Rather than simply using clips from the TV series, the new special will entirely re-animate all of the original CG car and background footage with new state-of-the-art computer graphics rendering. The special will also feature entirely new Super Eurobeat music and guest commentary from legendary “drift racer” Tsuchiya Keiichi.

Initial D Extra Stage 2


Iketani missed an opportunity to see Mako and hates himself for never calling to say he was sorry. By chance he runs into her 6 months later, and the situation is awkward. Iketani does not have time to talk at that moment, so they arrange a second meeting. Iketani goes to the meeting place early, but an old man who was left behind from a tourist bus asks Iketani to take him to his destination instead. Iketani being a nice guy, can’t say no. Will he miss the meeting yet again?