Sankarea (2012)


* Based on the manga by Hattori Mitsuru, serialised in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine since December 2009.

OVA 1 (Episode 0) — “Actually, this story happened (seven months) before I got to know Rea. That day, we drove to a relative’s place in Tohoku. My uncle piled up a bunch of books in his warehouse. So he decided to sort them out and move them to the family archives. And we were asked to help sort those books. Gramps and Baabu were looking after the house. I still do not know why Ranko came with us.” — Furuya Chihiro

Visiting Tohoku brings back nightmarish memories of Chihiro’s mother’s violent death, something his father, Furuya Doon does not want to talk about. Among the huge book pile Chihiro notices an old picture of his mother, letting him discover a mysterious book on the topic of resurrecting the dead. Later in a nearby onsen, Chihiro encounters Rea for the first time.

OVA 2 (Episode 14) — Sanka Aria, Sanka Dan’ichirou’s second wife, is still driven to alcohol by her husband’s obsession with his daughter Rea. Taking a bath, Aria seems to dream…

Chihiro and his family discover a strange girl lying under their temple, who does not want to talk to anyone. And when Rea later brings her dinner, Rea is pushed down the stairs by her…

Note: Bundled with the sixth and seventh limited-edition volumes of the manga. These OVAs are chronologically placed as the episodes 0 and 14 of Sankarea, respectively.

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