Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Finale


* Based on a light novel series by Igarashi Yuusaku, with illustrations by Shaa.

Nogizaka Haruka is a perfect girl with many talents. She is the daughter of a rich family, beautiful, good-natured, and kind to everyone. She has an elegant atmosphere like a white lily, and is quite intelligent. Since childhood, she has learned and excelled in more than ten traditional Japanese skills and talents, including classical Japanese dance, tea ceremonies, and calligraphy.

However, Noigizaka Haruka hides a secret from others within her perfect exterior. A secret which she has shared with Ayase Yuuto alone.

The two of them are now in Hokkaido as part of a school field trip. However, Mika, Hazuki and Nanami have come as well with the intention to stir things up.

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  1. whoever is copy this anime, need to buy new software. Because the screen has a test pattern on the right hand side while it playing, and i use a; media player and it the same

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