Ebiten: Kouritsu Ebi Sugawa Koukou Tenmonbu


* Based on a manga by Inugami Kira and SCA-ji serialised in Gekkan Comp-Ace.

The plot revolves around a high school boy who wanted to join his school’s astronomy club but mistakenly joined the school’s club for fujoshi (female otaku).

.hack//Sekai no Mukou ni


The story is set in 2024, when children have lived their entire lives since birth in a world connected by networks. A cheerful 14-year-old middle school girl named Yuuki Sora has no interest in games, but her friends get her to go into the popular network game The World. However, due to a certain incident in The World, anomalies start occurring in the real world.

To Love-Ru Darkness

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The Yuuki’s residence is now full of people: in addition to Rito and Mikan Yuuki, Lala, her twin sisters Nana and Momo, and Golden Darkness. Momo, who also falls for Rito, actively tries to create a harem for him. Meanwhile, a mysterious red hair girl named Mea Kurosaki enters Sainan High School with a hidden agenda.

Glass no Usagi


The period of late World War II, Toshiko was living in downtown Tokyo with her family. Japan was more towards losing the War at the time and people were suffering with lack of materials. On March 10th 1945, she lost her mother and two younger sisters by the bombing in Tokyo. She picked up “Glass Rabbit”, which shape was changed by the fire, out of the wreck one day and she experienced the terror of the War. Moreover when she had to evacuate to the suburbs, her father was killed by US army on the way at the station. Now that she became all alone, she felt so lonely and despaired that she almost found no meaning to be alive. But despite of her loneliness and sorrow, she aroused herself, thinking about all her family who were gone. “I must survive for my family…. Otherwise, who will be visiting their grave.” This is the story of one girl, which should not be forgotten.

One Off


A slice of life of high school girls in the early summer. Shiozaki Haruno is a 17-year-old girl who loves her motor cycle, HONDA’s Giorno. She lives in remote highlands and longs for a vivid life in a city. Encounters with people staying at Haruno’s parents’ boardinghouse encourage her to step forward to her dream.

Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin


On the way to school, Karin, a junior-high school student, finds a piglet who is too hungry to move. She gives some food to the pig. This pig is actually a prince, Tonrariano III from a planet called Booringo. He gives Karin a transformation kit to reward her kindness. The transformation kit consists of a piggy nose. Karin puts on the nose and says the magical words that Tonrariano III taught her. She then becomes a super-pig, a mighty flying pig, Boorin! But Karin is not happy to be a pig. Tonrariano III discusses it with his father the King, who promises Karin that she can become her ideal super-heroine if she collects 100 pearls, which will be given to her one by one each time Boorin helps somebody.

Boorin becomes a mysterious super pig who appears from nowhere when people are in trouble. Although everyone is curious of the pig’s origins, nobody knows that Boorin is really Karin.



Follow the crazy adventures of the young salmon-chan (Half human/half salmon) as she tries to get eaten.