Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Ken’ichi (2012)


Soon after Ken’ichi’s defeat of Ragnarok, the Ryozanpaku masters find out about an aliance between some of their enemies. Now the entire Ryuzanpaku dojo, both it’s masters and students, find themselves targets powerful martial artists.

Note: Bundled with the 46th, 47th, 49th, 53rd (two episodes), 54th (two episodes), 55th (two episodes) and 56th (two episodes) volumes of manga.

OVA aired on television in Japan as 11-episode series from April 9 till June 18, 2014 with subtitle 闇の襲撃 (Yami no Shuugeki).

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S01 New Assassins
S02 The Girl From China
S03 Beautiful Assassin
S04 Beautiful Wings
S05 Death God vs. Devil
S06 The Warrior Who Came From Russia
S07 Conviction Backed With Fists
S08 The God of Destruction Under Guard
S09 Wanting a Pseudonym at 18-Years Old
S10 The King of Tidat (Part 1)
S11 The King of Tidat (Part 2)

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