Chibi Devi!


The 14-year-old middle school girl Sawada Honoka has lost her parents at an early age, and finding friends at school does not come easily. Living at her aunt’s apartment, who is never at home due to work, Honoka wishes for her loneliness to end. Her wish is heard, and so the next morning she wakes up with a demon baby, Mao, in her bed.

And so Honoka suddenly turns into a surrogate mother, but she is not left alone with this daunting task: The strict though dependable classmate Sugisaki Shin helps out as “dad”, and the Chibi Devil Nursery School with the accident-prone Enchou-sensei and the kind Itou-sensei take care of Mao during Honoka’s school days.

Honoka’s days of loneliness certainly seem to have ended…

D.C.II S.S. ~Da Capo II Second Season~


* Based on a game by Circus. The story continues where it left off at the end of D.C.II.

The snow is falling onto the ever-blossoming cherry blossom trees. Sakurai Yoshiyuki and Tsukishima Koko have gotten over their failed relationship and are now able to exchange smiles and friendly words as classmates.

As the school’s Christmas Party draws near, a new story begins, a story of the ties Yoshiyuki has with Asakura Otome and Yume, a story of happiness and hope.

However, Yoshino Sakura alone has a clouded expression, knowing as she does that a disaster is imminent. No matter how happy the dream may be, the dreamer must eventually wake.

How will this disaster affect Yoshiyuki and the others?

Nichijou: Nichijou no 0 Wa


* Based on Arai Keiichi’s gag comedy manga serialised in Shounen Ace.

In Class 1-Q Yuuko did her homework for once and scored a “1”, so her friend Mio desperately tries to cheer her up.

“Windup doll” Nano tries to cure the strong-willed 8-year-old Hakase’s cold, but even the talking cat Sakamoto-san has difficulty getting Hakase to take her medicine.

Yuuko, Mio, and Mai get into some mild mischief on an empty train.

Cyborg 009 Kaijuu Sensou


The second movie of Cyborg 009. The evil organization Black Ghost attacked around the world, using dinosaur (plesiosaur) type giant robots, and the team of 9 cyborgs launched their quest for the Black Ghost’s hideout. 009 meets a girl named Helena…

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai


* Based on Fushimi Tsukasa’s Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai comedy light novel series.

Kyousuke Kousaka, a normal seventeen-year-old high school student, hasn’t gotten along with his younger sister, Kirino, in years. For longer than he can remember, Kirino has ignored his comings and goings and looked at him with spurning eyes. It seemed as if the relationship between Kyousuke and his sister, now fourteen, would continue this way forever.

One day, however, Kyousuke finds a DVD case of a magical girl anime entitled Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru (Stardust Witch Meruru), which had fallen into the entranceway of his house. To Kyousuke’s surprise, inside the case is a hidden adult video game titled Imouto to Koishiyo! (Love with Little Sister!). Kyousuke attempts to fish out the culprit who dropped the case by bringing up the topic of magical girl anime at the family dinner table. All that comes out is a strong negative reaction from his parents, especially his anti-otaku policeman father.

That night, Kirino bursts into Kyousuke’s room and, in perhaps the first conversation she has initiated with him in years, says they have things to talk about. Kirino brings Kyousuke to her room and shows him an extensive collection of moe anime and lolicon bishoujo games she has been collecting in secret.

Konnichiwa Anne


* Based on the novel by Budge Wilson, which is a prequel to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables.

Anne Shirley goes through quite a lot of adventures before she ends up in Green Gables. She is living with a family and helps out by looking after the kids, helping in the chores around the home. Meanwhile she discovers more about who she is…

Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Ken’ichi (2012)


Soon after Ken’ichi’s defeat of Ragnarok, the Ryozanpaku masters find out about an aliance between some of their enemies. Now the entire Ryuzanpaku dojo, both it’s masters and students, find themselves targets powerful martial artists.

Note: Bundled with the 46th, 47th, 49th, 53rd (two episodes), 54th (two episodes), 55th (two episodes) and 56th (two episodes) volumes of manga.

OVA aired on television in Japan as 11-episode series from April 9 till June 18, 2014 with subtitle 闇の襲撃 (Yami no Shuugeki).

Kimi no Iru Machi: Tasogare Kousaten


Kirishima Haruto lives in a small town in Hiroshima and is just about to enter high school when Eba Yuzuki, a mysterious girl from Tokyo suddenly decided to go to high school in the countryside and despite his objections, she moves in to his home. Haruto must now put up and take care of this clumsy freeloading city girl and at the same time, make sure his long time crush Kanzaki Nanami doesn’t get the wrong idea!

Stranger: Mukou Hadan


The story is set in the Sengoku period. A rounin called Nanashi (meaning ‘nameless’) saves a young boy Kotarou and his dog Tobimaru at an abandoned temple. Kotarou has no family, is pursued by a mysterious militia organization from China and hires Nanashi as his bodyguard. Amongst the men who pursue Kotarou is a man called Rarou, a very skilled warrior with blond hair and blue eyes. He obeys an old man called Byakuran and is a member of the Chinese militia. Unlike his companions in the militia, he isn’t serving any Emperor and just wants to fight with the strong.