Juubee-chan 2: Siberia Yagyuu no Gyakushuu


The fight is over. At least it was!

One year has passed, Nanohana Jiyuu is now in the third year of Middle School and spends her days very peaceful and quiet. One day on her way to school, Jiyuu unexpectedly runs across Koinosuke. In his hand, Koinosuke holds the Lovely Eyepatch. When Jiyuu arrives in school, a transfer student has come to her class, whose name is Yagyuu Freesia, her eyes are clear blue and she is supercute. Freesia at once becomes friends with Jiyuu and the others.

In the afternoon, all of a sudden a guy appears and slashes at Jiyuu… are those fighting days coming back to happen again?!

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni


* Adapted from the murder mystery computer game of the same name developed by Studio 7th Expansion, with animation done by Studio Deen.

Maebara Keiichi, a young teenager, has recently moved from the city to the rural village of Hinamizawa with his family. He is adjusting quite well to his new life, making friends at the small school, playing games, passing time in relative happiness, when suddenly a gruesome murder occurs…

A mystery begins to unravel — tracing back to happenings five years ago. As Keiichi learns more about these strange events, he wonders if he will be able to face the truth behind all of this.

Taekwon V


Dr. Kaff (or Dr. Cops; ?? ?? in Korean), an evil scientist bent on world domination, creates an army of giant robots to kidnap world-class athletes and conquer the world. To fight off this attack, Dr. Kim creates Robot Taekwon V. Kim Hoon, the taekwon-do champion eldest son of Dr Kim, pilots Robot Taekwon V either mechanically or through his physical power by merging his taekwon-do movements with the robot.

Ai no Kusabi (2012)


The story is set in the future on the planet named Amoi which is controlled by a supercomputer named Jupiter. Among the mostly male human population, the light-haired elite class is allowed to temporarily keep the dark-haired mongrels as pets. One elite member, Iason, encounters a mongrel named Riki in the slums and decides to take him in. However, Iason keeps Riki longer than it is socially approved, and rumors abound about their possible relationship.



While heading towards her own wedding, Imai Kirara dies in a car accident. Deeply frustrated for being unable to accomplish her dreams beside Asai Konpei, she asks for the opportunity of being with him once again. Kirara is able to return, but she goes back eight years in time as a ghost. There she is able to meet Konpei and herself when they still weren’t a couple.

Life no Color


A short indie film, directed by Tazawa Ushio of GOD×DOG PRODUCTION, which won the Visual Award in the 14th DoGA CG Animation Contest.

In a town where discrimination based on colors is in place. A boy wearing red who is at the bottom of the society. A girl who passes him every time he is attending night high school. In the past, she had encountered the boy who scribbled on a wall. The girl who has understood the meaning of the message. At that time, what was the meaning of the girl’s smile to the boy. Two people who have passed each other on countless occasions pass each other again in this short Boy Meets Girl animation.

Dragon Quest Retsuden: Roto no Monshou


After monsters possessed the king of Carmen seven years ago, the kingdom fell to the hordes of evil. The only survivors were the king’s son, Arus, and the army general’s daughter Lunafrea. Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Loran, a child is born and christened with the name “Jagan,” as per the orders of the Demon Lord Imagine. While Arus is honest and good, Jagan is allied with the forces of evil. With the blood of the hero Roto coursing through his veins, Arus sets out with Lunafrea in order to defeat the monsters and restore peace to the world.

Busou Chuugakusei: Basket Army

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Summary: The story is set in August of 2026 at the Fuji Training Facility. Natori Touko, a third-year middle school student in the Eastern Private Defense Academy, is entrenched in field training with instructor Kamiya. It has been a harsh training regiment, but it is finally the last day. Kamiya proposes a extracurricular class under the name Newest Weapons Research. But then, an incident occurs that rocks all of Japan.

Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de: Hachiyoushou


Motomiya Ayane was a normal high school student, but she was suddenly summoned into another world, “Kyo”, with her friends, Tenma and Shimon. Akane was “the child of the Ryujin (the god of the dragon)” who had a power of Rujin in her body. She was asked to save Kyo from demons. At first, she couldn’t believe the story, but she met Akram, the leader of the demons, and Hachiyo who was responsible for helping sacred children. She gradually realized his responsibility as a sacred child, but she was also attracted by Akram and Hachiyo…