Tekken: Blood Vengeance


CG screen version of the popular video game fighting series TEKKEN.

The movie first premiered in the US when Namco Bandai Games and Bandai Entertainment partnered with NCM Fathom for a one night only event in select movie theatres on 26.07.2011. Japanese premiere took place on 03.09.2011.



Baccano! (which translates to “ruckus” or “stupid commotion”) focuses on the stories of different characters in the Prohibition Era of America. Originating back to 1711, a group of alchemists seeking eternal youth are given a special potion by a mysterious demon, making them immortal. However, alchemists began disappearing, and realizing the danger of being close to one another they scatter around the world.

Now in the 1930’s, all of the immortals have come together once again. Baccano! tells the stories of each of these immortals, ranging from alchemists, street gangs, thieves, FBI agents and even the mafia.

Aria the OVA: Arietta


The story takes place in the year 2301 and Mars became a planet which mankind has transformed into a place where they can live. Now the planet is known as the planet “Aqua” because most of the planet is covered in water. One day a 15 year old girl named Misunashi Akari comes to the planet Aqua to become a Undine. This is where the story begins and we get to see what strange, funny, sad and mysterious events she meets.

First ever OVA release from anime series “ARIA” featuring the yet untold story about the Aria company before the arrival of Akari.

Happy Lesson (2002)


* Happy Lesson was conceived as a mixed media project based on Dengeki G’s Magazine’s reader-participation game illustrated by Sasaki Mutsumi.

A 15-year-old Hitotose Chitose moves out of the orphanage back to his vacant parent’s house and finds himself very alone and unhappy. But when five of his female high school teachers decide to move in with him to become his new mamas, he learns that the chaos of their constant attention and concern change his life for the better, if only to teach him about the very special meaning of being part of a family and enjoying a quiet moment.

Each of his new mothers has something special to share with him; an artistic cosplay princess, a nurturing supportive homeroom mother, a rowdy athletic sports fanatic, a priestess (sword miko) high school nurse mother, and a quiet secretive (possibly mad) science teacher/mother. These five adoptive mothers accept not only Chi-kun, but also his two sisters. This is a very special story of a family tied not by blood, but of heart and love. But what of the female homeroom class president, who is appears to show a very special interest in the lazy and inattentive Hitotose-kun?

Rain Town


Hiroyasu Ishida, the animation student who created a worldwide online hit with his Fumiko no Kokuhaku anime short, began streaming his newest anime short Rain Town online. Ishida was studying in the Animation department at Kyoto Seika University’s famed Faculty of Manga. Along with fellow student Yoshida Shougo, he worked on his Rain Town anime short as his graduation project for at least two years.

Ginga Tetsudou 999: Glass no Clair


This short movie is a remake of the first half of episode 3 of Ginga Tetsudou 999.

While travelling on the Galaxy Express with Maetel, Tetsuro befriends Claire who was forced by her mother to exchange her organic body for crystal glass. When danger threatens Tetsuro, Claire tries to help him.

Majokko Club Yonin-gumi: A Kuukan Kara no Alien X


Yuu, Persia, Mai and Yumi are together in a science fiction-like adventure. An awful monster assault young and beautiful girls, leaving them transformed into ugly hags: only our four magical girls with their powers can fly to the space and fight for Earth ‘s sake, so Yuu transforms into Creamy Mami, Mai into Magical Emi, Persia into Fairy and little Yumi draws space suits for all of them.

Robin-kun to 100 nin no Otomodachi


Robin, a boy who likes to invent something alone, decides to make a lot of friends when he has to move from downtown to Green Village. At the stage of Green Village which is set the newest environment system for nature, each episode has a lot of questions about true ecology and true friends through the activities of Robin and his 100 friends.

Queen`s Blade


The stories are set after the Queen’s Blade competition of Hobby Japan’s original games but before the Rebellion. They take place after the storyline of Queen’s Blade Utsukushiki Toushi-tachi video anime series.

Touyama Kankou Anime Project


Two animation studios, Toyama City’s P.A.Works and the flash anime creation team The BERICH from Uozu City, have created short works based on the theme Tear Bringing Toyama Prefecture. They feature animated versions of Tateyama, Toyama Bay, and Gokayama as well as real footage shot by Toyama Television Broadcasting, presenting to you the many fascinating sides of Toyama Prefecture.