Blue Remains


Many nuclear explosion which covers surface of the earth met the spaceship which finished planets exploration and has returned to the earth in A.D.2062. The spaceship crash-lands on the seabed of Okinawa adjoining seas, in order to avoid radioactive contamination. A scientist couple RYU and YURI entrusted reproduction of the earth environment to their young daughter AMAMIKU, gave freezing sleep and entrusted future affairs to a super-computer and a robot.

The human beings who survived slightly abandoned the polluted ground 90 years after, and it was obliged to the life in a submarine city, it was on the verge of extinction with attacks of the uncontrolled neuron computer.

The story starts moving greatly taking advantage of the human patrol during the submarine probe having protected AMAMIKU. AMAMIKU on which the duty for reproducing a life on the ground was imposed fights against the enemy with the friends who were able to encounter finally in being solitary.

This is a 3DCG marine adventure animated movie describing the last fight which risked fate of human beings. BLUE REMAINS was depicted with the latest 3D computer graphics technologies and was reproduced the inside stage of the sea realistically and fantastically.

BLUE REMAINS is a work which asks the environmental problems and existence of human beings.

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