Seikon no Qwaser II


* Based on a manga series authored by Yoshino Hiroyuki, featuring art by Satou Ken’etsu, serialised in the shounen manga magazine Champion Red.

The High Ancient Circuit — The witnesses of its existence: Maria of Sword, Magdalena of Thunder, Noah of Gold, Moses of Silence, and David of Resurrection. These five items are the only ones in existence, and cannot be reproduced or copied. Whatever it is that gave birth to the circuit itself is also completely unknown… — from intro

The Church sends Sasha the Martyr on an important mission with Katsuragi Hana to retrieve the long lost Magdalena of Thunder. Apparently a girl at the Japan Seirei Private Academy, an all-girl school, is endowed with this artefact. The Adepts sect is also aware of the Magdalena of Thunder’s location, and has begun to interfere…

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