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Summary: With the completion of the Fractale world administration system, humanity has finally reached the ultimate paradise. It is now 1000 years after the System’s activation, but there is no one alive who understands it. The vast majority believe that its preservation is the sole condition to human happiness. One day, Clain, a boy with a aimless life, helps a girl, Phryne, who was being pursued. However, she soon disappears, leaving behind a girl named Nessa. Clain and Nessa leave on a journey in search of Phryne, leading to the truth behind the System.

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  1. This anime deserves a second season if anything lol I like the simplicity of the design and character story. mostly the overall story i guess since a lot of the animes lately has been all about gore and blood this one takes us away from that and just have a pure adventure. Good stuff! nice anime, recommended hahah ><

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