Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei

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After all the bloody slaughters in the first two seasons, its time for the “club” to use all their powers for some funny purposes, altought the purposes are funny the means aren’t normal at all. Using their detective experience, their goddess companion, investigator experience, and all their skills just like in the first seasons. All characters appear in these OVAs, using their speciallities.

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Denpa Teki na Kanojo


The 40 minute long OVA has been released with limited edition copies of Kurenai manga volume 3 on May 1st. Author Kentaro Katayama’s Denpa Teki na Kanojo novels share continuity and characters with his Kurenai novel series.

While the DVD release date for the first volume was 01.05.2009, it was streamed on Bandai Channel on 04.02.2009.

Juuzawa Juu is a delinquent high school boy who just wants to be left alone. One day Ochibana Ame, who claims that she knew him from a previous life, approaches him, wanting to serve as his “knight”. At first Juu wants to have nothing to do with Ame, but after a classmate is murdered, these two join forces in hunting down the killer.

Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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A continuation of Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, with more stories revolving around Nozomu Itoshiki, the extremely pessimistic or despairing teacher, and the students of class the 2-H, who are each hilariously abnormal in their own unique way except for the one relatively normal girl who hates being called normal.

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Galaxy Angel 3


Their mission is to locate and retrieve the mysterious Lost Technology, even though these girls have never been known to stick to their mission. Milfeulle, Forte, Ranpha, Mint, and Vanilla are back for another round of hilarity. The Galaxy Angels have sworn to protect the galaxy one planet at a time. Now with some competition with the newly-formed Twin Star Brigade, they continue to find themselves in the center of chaos… though usually they’re the ones at fault for its cause.

Kaitou Reinya

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Summary: Based on the Kaitou Reinya “nonsensical comedy” four-panel manga. Tanaka Reina, a member of Hello Project’s girl band Morning Musume, serves as the inspiration for the main character Reinya, a thief that is the stuff of urban legends.

Tanaka (Onegai My Melody Kirara’s title character) will play Reinya, a girl who wears a signboard for the Faminya convenience store near a police station by day. By night, she is a whimsical thief chased by bumbling police officers, led by the handsome Keiji-san (“Detective,” Okano Kousuke) and the cool Keibu-san (“Inspector,” Youki Sou). Joining Reinya on her escapades is her trusty assistant, the mouse Chuutarou (Okano).

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