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In the near future, the mysterious armed group called “Secrete Organization Panther Claw” performed sabotage in and around Tokyo, and people panicked. Although the Police Force and the Riot Police led by Police Inspector Natsuko were dispatched, they were unable to apprehend Panther Claw. In those days, Gold Claw, who was one of the Panther Claw’s big four, appeared at a TV station, and took control of it. Then, a beautiful girl appeared. She called herself Cutie Honey, the fighter of love.

Cutie Honey’s mission was to fight agianst the evil Panther Claw organization. She was in fact Kisaragi Honey, the android made by Dr. Kisagagi who had been the world leading scientist. She was normally a dull temporary employee. However, if she shouted “Honey Flash”?touching her heart shaped choker, she turned into a super-android who was far more powerful than a regular person. That transformation was enabled by the “ai System”(love system). In order to avenge her creator’s death, Honey had been fighting against Panther Claw, who had been the one’s who’d killed him.

While the policemen led by Natsuko joined the battle between Honey and Panther, a newspaper reporter Hayakawa Seiji watched quietly from the sidelines. He knows of Cutie Honey’s secret identity.

What is the true purpose of Sister Jill, the leader of Panther Claw? The battle of Cutie Honey, the fighter of love, against the monsters has just begun.

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